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Some Areas of Distress Where I Can Help You

  • depression and/or anxiety, chronic low or irritable mood 

  • an eating disorder, or wondering about your relationship with food 

  • issues in your relationships - at home, work, social life or, indeed, with your self

  • body image issues

  • social anxiety and panic disorder  

  • feelings of unworthiness, low self-esteem

  • existential or crisis of meaning and purpose 

  • moving into the next phase of your life - becoming a parent, an aunt or uncle, grandparent, or becoming an 'empty nester'

  • having recently lost someone important in your life due to death or estrangement 

  • recurring thoughts about death and your (un)lived life  

  • having had an intense experience that has woken up something inside you through psychedelics, meditation or other practices

You might like to undertake short-term work to move through a specific issue where you've been feeling stuck for a while. Here, I find a more directive approach like CBT helpful. 

Or, you may long to take a journey to truly get to know yourself – to find out what vibrates and pulsates underneath the 'skin-encapsulated ego' (Alan Watts) that is but a small part of you.

You may want to explore this sense of something deeper inside you, and something more outside of you. Here I invite you into a deeper dive, including the use of somatic approaches.  

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Mindfulness & Meditation

​​'Mindfulness is awareness that arises through paying attention,

on purpose,

in the present moment,



Jon Kabbat-Zinn

Meditation is one of the main tools for developing and practising mindfulness. It is not something exotic, for a particular type of person only. It is an immediate and personal practice, a way of allowing us to get in touch with ourselves intimately.

Neuroscience research has shown that 8 weeks of mindfulness and meditation practice can change the neurological wiring of the brain in healthy ways. Practiced with intention and commitment, these 8 weeks have been known to change the structure and function of the brain. 

As a mindfulness teacher and facilitator, I host workshops and private sessions for individuals and groups. Over the course of the programme, you will develop and practise techniques to help you become more aware of the present moment, whilst also learning how to manage stress and cultivate a more balanced, healthy mindset. With a commitment to the practice, you can expect to see significant changes in your life - reduction in anxiety, change in habits, greater empathy towards yourself and others. 

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Psychedelic Integration

Experiences with psychedelic substances and plant medicines can be life-changing. You may have had powerful insights into the nature of reality, or indeed into your own life, and may be left feeling changed in some way.

You may have left the retreat feeling optimistic and certain about bringing changes into your life that can support you in your journey. However, upon coming home, you may be wondering where to start, or, indeed, how to start. It can all feel quite overwhelming!

It may be that nothing else in your life has changed. But, unquestionably, something in you has!  

Your intention to integrate these insights into your daily life is celebrated, along with compassion of how large the task may appear at first. I offer a space where you can make sense of the memories, images, sensations, insights that you may have experienced during your journey. Alongside, I companion you as you sit with the 'old' and bring in the 'new', one step at a time. 


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